Voyage d’hiver. Paris

So…Ladies and gentlemen Mesdames et monsieur’s, last few days i’ve spent in one if the most beautiful cities of the world. O-u-i-i-i-i, you’re exactly right if saying ‘Paris‘. It has become a good tradition to welcome New Year 4 hours later than usual and to do it there. Despite awful November’s attacks Paris is alive but security checking at places of interest are remembering. There wouldn’t be a tonnes of photos here, just look for my facebook of vk profiles, but here’s video of new year’s coming.

The weather here is like a real french woman, it’s unpredictable but cozy. So the first day of year the most Paris’ famouses are… disappeared.

And the same day some strange show has taken it’s place at Champs-Elysées.

Aren't they looking like Hogwarts' professors? Such a big... lens she has :)

The last few days I’ve spent at especially gourmand places, at Cook’n With Class and Cafe Lomi. There were two classes with chef Alex Dreyer at CWC and latte-art atelier with Magdalena Brodzinska at Cafe Lomi. First gastronomic adventure was class about Buche de Noel, here are photos. And don’t ask for recipe i wouldn’t share, but you can attend by yourself :)

The second one was about latte-art. I couldn’t share a lot of photos because when you pour a milk you can’t shot it and when you shot it you can’t pour it. Magda, thank you once again for you tips and tricks.

And the last class was about chocolate. I’m not sure about recreating it in Russia because of poor chocolate but i’ll do my best, moreover i have some ideas about incredible coffee-fillings. Thank you, Alex!